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Child Recovery Tips

Make sure your Court Orders include a detailed list of visitation dates and times. "Reasonable" visitation Orders and verbal agreements cannot be enforced by this office. What is reasonable in one parent's eyes may not be reasonable in the other parent's eyes.

Keep good records, including a written diary or calendar of all contacts made concerning visitation. This can be used for civil contempt actions, and will also assist the District Attorney's Child Recovery Unit.

Keep an updated file of your child and the other parent. Include birth certificates, recent photos, fingerprints, and any other information that would aid in identifying your child in case of an abduction.

The custody orders should state that the child may not be removed from the city, county, country (or whatever area is appropriate) without the consent of the other parent.

Teach your child to use the telephone. Without frightening your child or alienating your child from the other parent, tell your child to call home immediately if something unusual is happening. Make sure that your child understands that you will always love them and want to share your life with them.

Furnish a copy of your custody and visitation orders to the school, day care center, and babysitter.

If an abduction is threatened, notify the police department and/or the Child Recovery Unit.

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